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When searching for buried treasure “X” doesn’t always mark the spot. When watching modern-day treasure hunters on the show “Curse of Oak Island”, there is plenty of research and planning involved.

Searching for the right career and job also involves plenty of research and planning. Although there are no maps or an “X” to mark the spot as to where one should work, there are many helpful tools that can guide you towards your employment goal.

One of these tools is the Highlands Ability Battery. It’s an excellent tool used to identify our natural abilities. Recognizing those abilities and personal power is an important stepping stone to understand ourselves and become the professional we want to be.

The reports from the Highlands Ability Battery provide understanding about one’s natural abilities in many areas of life. Highlands Battery report scores help individuals forecast how well they may perform in an academic subject and an occupation where they’ll be satisfied doing so. The assessment explains how you learn best – visually, audibly, etc. These reports can help you plan a satisfying career, as well as other pursuits in life.

An individual looking for the right career or job today doesn’t have to “wing it”. Think how long would a treasure hunter last if he or she decided to “wing it?” Lost time and money would lead to frustration. If you don’t plan and research the type of career or job you want, you’ll be wasting time. Even if you do find a job, you’ll be on another job hunt when you realize you are not happy.

Your Highlands reports is like a map. It outlines your natural abilities so you know what subject areas are best for you to explore. You’ll have confidence knowing your areas of strengths. And in areas where you might have difficulties, you’ll know how to prepare and handle them to your benefit. Please take a moment to view this video courtesy of The Highlands Company.

Treasure hunting in movies and real life show that “X” doesn’t always mark the spot, but the map at least direct them in the general location. What map or plan do you have charting your career, or academic course? Don’t waste your time or talent! Prepare, plan and map out your future to life’s treasures. If you are interested in taking the Highlands Ability Battery please contact me at:  Please also visit Itinaucore on Facebook for services.

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