Do You Have a Shot?

Those who have a natural ability to play basketball may play the game well with little effort. Those who have the natural talent but have never tried playing may not know their capability, while others with this natural talent may have no interest in playing. Either way, their natural talent for playing basketball will not be demonstrated. There is also a group of people who become very good basketball players through practice, practice, practice even though their natural talent is low to moderate.

What about you? Do you have a natural talent you are not aware of? Maybe you feel you do have a particular talent, but are afraid or lacked the confidence to explore it. Some have avoided learning a different language, or how to play a musical instrument, or how to dance because of the fear of failure or embarrassment.

Sometimes people invest in particular self-help books and get frustrated or depressed because they try the author’s style or suggestions, but still can’t get the “hang of it.”

What if you knew beforehand whether you had the natural ability to do the things you want to? What if you knew which was the best way for you to learn? A career aptitude test like the Highlands Ability Battery can help you identify your natural abilities.

For instance, if you wanted to learn a different language but are not sure how easy it would be for you to learn, how could the Highlands ability assessment help? The assessment tests your verbal memory and tonal memory.  “Verbal memory” is the ability to remember the words you read which influences how you learn a new language’s vocabulary and grammar. “Tonal memory” is the ability to remember what you hear and this influences learning through conversation or other auditory presentations of a language. By themselves, these two abilities help explain each of descriptions above.

Let’s look at them in reverse order. The combination of strong verbal memory and strong tonal memory indicates the ability to recall what you read and what you hear, making learning another language relatively easy (if you’re interested, of course). Whether looking up translations or hearing the spoken word, the new language “sticks.”

What about music abilities? So, can you still pursue music successfully if Tonal Memory, Rhythm Memory, and Pitch Discrimination are not all strong? Yes! As with any ability, skill building and practice can compensate to a point. Will it take more time, effort, and/or energy to acquire and maintain your musical performances? Yes!

Equipped with the knowledge of your natural talents, and understanding the requirements of the type and level of performance necessary, you are in the best possible position to know what to do with your talents. Understanding your natural abilities will help you know how much time, effort, and energy you will need to put into practice.

Contact us at to take the Highlands Ability Battery and learn what your natural abilities are. Don’t waste your talents!

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