About Us

     Finding employment today that pays a decent salary and that we can enjoy may seem impossible. Fortunately, ITINAUCORE® is here to help.




ITINerary        +       NAUtical       +      CORE  


The name ITINAUCORE is taken from three words: Itinerary, Nautical, and Core.

  • The word Itinerary is defined as a detailed plan to help a traveler’s journey.
  • Nautical pertains to navigation, or the direction an individual takes.
  • Alas, Core is the central, innermost, an essential part of…YOU!

The ITINAUCORE® trademark utilizes the “squaring the circle” symbol a metaphor for accomplishing the impossible. In addition, the idiom means “a continuous, timeless, universal action generally hidden from our sensory perception.”


With those thoughts in mind, I will discuss information relevant to your employment sector of interest to help you chart and navigate your way towards suitable work. I’ll also share information concerning the economy that is “generally hidden from our sensory perception.”

If you’re interested in taking a career assessment that can accurately report your natural skills and help you navigate your career journey. Please contact me at: Itinaucore@gmail.com.

Available assessments:

  • Highlands Ability Battery
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Big 5 (Five Factor Model)